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Silk Floral Rentals

Today's silk flowers are so life-like and exquisite you will find yourself guessing which flowers are real and which are silk!

The most frequently asked question is whether your guests will notice they are silk.

Most guests will not even notice the difference unless it is pointed out to them.

There is a saying amongst florists, "Silk up high will trick the eye, silk down low and you will know."

We suggest silk florals for Altar arrangements, High Table Arrangements and Event Accent Pieces.

We also incorporate live floral centerpieces with our Event Decor Packages.

Each Design is Custom Created with Your Flower and Color Choices

Rental price includes florals and container.

Please see our Event Decor Packages for full ceremony and reception packages.

Ceremony Rentals

Pew Accents

Simple Floral Accent with Bow


Pedestal and Altar Arrangements

Pedestal Arrangements

Great for Church Altars,

Cookie Table Decor

Place Card Table Decor

Med. $85.00

Large $125.00

Candleabra Rentals



      Floral Accents


       Floral Accents

$55.00 Each

$75.00 Each

Home-Going Services

Available June 15, 2020

Price Includes Delivery to Funeral Home - Mahoning County Only

Standing Arrangement on Easel -- 

Spray or Heart

Includes Roses and Lilies in White - Please specify accent color choice.

Casket Spray



Reception Rentals

Tall Table Arrangements

Floral Arrangements 

Your choice of Colors and Flowers